Product sold out

Dear customer,

in some cases the current demand exceeds the current supply. The Osmium object you are about to purchase is unfortunately in postproduction.

This production can be between two weeks or, in special cases or for large quantities, up to six months.

Please contact us by clicking on the button below and entering the desired quantity. As your desired osmium shape is currently not available, we freeze the price of today for you until the real availability. Please enter your data in the form below for this purpose. We will then insert you in the processing and in the delivery sequence and also inform you when you can expect the product.

If the price should drop during this time, you will naturally receive the current price on the day of the real dispatch of goods.

Please note that the pieces that are produced may have slightly different prices due to the crystal structure. For this reason, we ask you to pay only half the deposit for a pre-order and will inform you of the exact price if your goods are in certification, so that you can transfer the balance before delivery.

Osmium-Institute Germany
Osmium-Institute Germany
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Osmium-Institute Germany