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Osmium Triangle (6mm)
Osmium-Institute Germany

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Osmium-Institute Germany
Osmium-Institute Germany
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Osmium-Institute Germany
Osmium-Institute Germany

Osmium-Triangles are flat structures of crystalline osmium that are cut in the shape of an equilateral triangle. The edge lengths of the triangles vary from one to nine mm.
In the case of a T6-Triangle, the edge length is generally 6 mm. However, triangles with an edge length up to 6.99 mm are labeled with the customs designation T6, too.

Triangles are particularly suitable for creating patterns that are to be constructed with many surface (area) elements that are geometrically similar. Osmium triangles are used above all to embellish a ring or necklace that was previously set with only one diamond.

The special reflection properties of crystalline osmium surfaces make even small objects in sunlight an eye-catcher.

Jewellers can easily set the small triangles and create arrangements on unusual pieces of jewellery with them. In addition, ready-cut triangles are already complete for use and do not need to be processed.

If you wish to have isosceles triangles, they are available as a special order. Currently, only equilateral triangles, i.e. shapes with three equal sides, are included in customs category T.

Osmium-Institute Germany

Osmium-Institute Germany
Osmium-Institute Germany
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Osmium-Institute Germany